2016 Kick-off Workshop

With hotter temperatures projected for the Rio Grande/Bravo (RGB) region, it has become imperative to develop more robust systems for dealing with the public health risks associated with extreme heat. To kick-off the RGB region NIHHIS pilot project, a workshop was held in El Paso, TX in July 2016 that brought together individuals in government, academia, and practitioners, from México and the U.S., that work in the areas of public health, emergency management, weather and climate, sustainability, and urban planning. Participants identified physical and public health science, communication, and practice needs and gaps, in order to work on improving extreme heat monitoring and public health preparedness in the region. Working groups, initiated at the July workshop (“work streams”), have continued to work on filling these gaps, including contributing to a broad assessment of existing knowledge and capacity related to climate, weather, and public health in the region.

The full workshop report can be found here .

The Executive Summary from the workshop report in English and Spanish .